LAB Build Out – Part 9 – Allowing ALL Traffic originating from SCOM through Firewall to Agents

In part 9 of our LAB Build Out session, we will be showing you a method to allow network traffic originating from SCOM through the Windows Firewall into other computers on the network.

Note: This is NOT recommended for a production environment.

This will help simplify agent pushes and other network communication between systems on the domain that SCOM servers need to communicate with.


LAB Build Out – Part 8 – Installing SCOM 1801 from VHD Evaluation

In this session, we will be installing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 1801 from the VHD Evaluation.

SCOM 1801 is the 1st Semi annual channel release for SCOM. The System Center suite of products now come in (2) distinct support branches.

The Semi-Annual-Channel branch (SAC) will:

  • Receive all new updates planned for the product
  • Be supported for 18 months
  • Have new releases every 6 months

The Long-Term-Servicing Channel (LTSC) branch will:

  • Receive UR (Update rollups) releases that will primarily focus on fixes and not new features.
  • Supported for 5 years in mainstream support

Read more about the System Center 1st Semi Annual Channel Release here:

Download System Center Evaluations:

Please read the guide included with the evaluation download for details on how to create a new virtual machine to accept the VHD disk. I will not be covering this during the session.


LAB Build Out – Part 7 – Installing SQL Server 2016

In part 7 of this series, we will walk through installing and configuring SQL Server 2016. The SQL Server 2016 server can and will be used for various applications and services that we may add to the environment as time goes on.


  • Disk format and number
  • General Installation
  • Storage Spaces
  • DATA vs LOG volumes
  • TempDB
  • Backup
  • SQL feature selections
  • Authentication options

LAB Build Out – Part 2 – Managing the domain remotely using RSAT + Project Honolulu

In this session, we will:

  • Install project Honolulu to our management server
  • Demonstrate some of the gotcha’s with browser capability, sconfig, PowerShell, and more.
  • Contemplating installing a Windows 10 Desktop to help support management capabilities.
  • Installing Roles and Features with Project Honolulu
  • Managing with Server Manager + RSAT tools
  • Install and configure a DHCP Server role (IP Address distribution to clients, servers, and network devices)

Read more about Project Honolulu here

Download Project Honolulu