Update rollup 8 for Orchestrator 2016 released with an important core change!

Update rollup 8 for Orchestrator 2016 has been released. This release does not include any new features but it does include a number of bug fixes and it also includes a new dependency for SQL server connectivity. Update rollups are cumulative so you do not need to install any previous UR in order to install UR8.

KB 4518887 – UR8 for Orchestrator 2016

Issues that are fixed

  • Runbook performing SQL query activity returns NULL value for the Time and XML column.
  • Exporting and Importing runbooks into upgraded SCO environment returns empty catalogue value in the properties for query database activity.
  • Unable to perform checkout, delete, or rename operations on runbooks when user SID is longer than 50 characters.
  • Orchestrator now depends upon Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL server instead of SQLNCLI.


If you have Windows update enabled, your Orchestrator 2016 environment may automatically get updated to UR8 and will in effect break your environment until you install the Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL. This is caused because the new release now is dependent on this SQL driver instead of the legacy SQLNCLI.

Download Microsoft SQL OLE DB Driver 18

Get the Microsoft SQL OLE DB Driver. Install the Microsoft SQL OLE DB driver prior to updating to UR8. After upgrading, you may need to re-establish the connection to the Orchestrator database using the Orchestrator ‘Data Store Configuration’ tool.

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