Operations Management Suite Overview

In this session, we will take a look at the ‘current’ Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Portal and discuss several of the available solutions.

  • Overview of the UI
  • Enabling OMS Solutions
  • AD and SQL Health Checks
  • Log Analytics
  • Security and Audit
  • Data Plan Options
  • Downloading and Installing Agents
  • Connected Data Sources – Storage Accounts, Log Data from Agents, SCOM, SCCM, AD, WSUS
  • Windows Telemetry data ingestion
  • Collecting Windows Event Logs and Performance Data
  • Collecting Linux Performance Counters


Note: It appears the OMS Portal will eventually be fully integrated within the Azure Portal. So some features you see in the OMS Portal may not currently show up in the Azure Portal, and some features in the Azure portal may not show up in the OMS Portal while the service is in this in-between transitional period.

Note: Even if you are on the FREE data plan, some solutions have a COST after a 60 day or less trial period. In particular the Security and Audit feature, now integrated within the Azure Security Center feature has a cost after the expiration of the trial period.

Microsoft acquires GitHub for $7.5 Billion!

For the past few days there have been rumors of a pending acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft for $2 billion dollars or more. It is rumor no more. Today Microsoft announced that they are acquiring GitHub for a cool $7.5 billion dollars in stock. 

Microsoft’s Nat Friedman will assume the role of GitHub’s new CEO. Nat Friedman came over to Microsoft from their earlier acquisition of Xamarin.

GitHub has a very strong open developer community and hosts one of the largest open source software repositories in the world. Microsoft in the past few years has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributors to open source on the GitHub platform.

Read more about it here: https://news.microsoft.com/2018/06/04/microsoft-to-acquire-github-for-7-5-billion/