Project Honolulu is now Windows Admin Center and GA!

Earlier we explored using Project Honolulu  and Installing Project Honolulu during its preview phase. Project Honolulu is now generally available and it has been rebranded as “Windows Admin Center”.

Microsoft has released Windows Admin Center, as a re-imagined Windows Server management experience. Windows Admin Center is intended to replace and or supplement the various MMC snap-in tools that an administrator use to do day-to-day activities. Windows Admin Center can be installed on a Windows 10 system, or on a Windows Server 2016 system or later.

Windows Admin Center supports managing Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and later including the free Hyper-V editions of Windows Server remotely. If you need to manage Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 you will need to install WMF 5.1 on the target server. Windows Server 2016, 1709, and 2019 Preview do not require any additional add-ins to be managed. Windows Admin Center leverages PowerShell and WMI primarily to perform its’ magic and no additional agents are required. It has no dependencies on Azure or any cloud services. Lastly, Windows Admin Center is quick to install, it does not require IIS or a SQL installation to get started. Currently it is supported on Microsoft’s Edge browser and Google’s Chrome browser.

The best part is that it is web browser based, has no additional cost, and has some functionality that is not available via MMC admin snap-ins or System Center out of the box.

Download Windows Admin Center Now.


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