Microsoft Project Honolulu – Brief Overview

In this session, we will be taking a look at Microsoft’s Project Honolulu Technical Preview.

Download Project Honolulu:

Project Honolulu is a new modern management tool, that is powerful, lightweight, browser-based, locally deployed, and has no dependencies on Azure or Cloud. Project Honolulu can be used to manage Windows servers, Failover Clusters, Hyper-Converged Clusters, and Windows Desktops.

How does Project Honolulu Work?


In this video we cover:

  • What is Project Honolulu
  • Adding Servers to Project Honolulu
  • Management capabilities currently available
  • Windows Server OS Supported (Windows Server 2012 – 2016, Semi-Annual Channel Release (SAC)
  • Credential management and security
  • Real Time Performance monitoring
  • Event log management
  • Actions that can be performed against the server
  • Joining Domains, Enabling RDP, renaming computer, etc
  • Network Adapter management
  • Storage Management
  • Roles and Features Management
  • Failover cluster management
  • Standalone server management

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